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Reanal Laboratory Chemicals Ltd. started its operation on November 1, 2007.

Since 15th of September 2011, Reanal Labor LLC is part of the Lach-ner group.

Reanal Labor LLC distributes the products of manufacturers providing continuously outstanding and reliable quality at affordable prices. Our portfolio includes products form

  • Lach-Ner (laboratory chemicals, volumetric solutions, titrating reagents) including
  • Acros, Fisher, Fisher Bioreagents and Maybridge, (the Thermo Fisher Scientific groups Global Chemicals branch, specialty chemicals for research and development, high quality chromatographic solvents and reagents, semi-bulk and bulk chemicals)
  • Alfa Aesar which is now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Carlo Erba (laboratory chemicals, HPLC solvents, volumetric solutions, titrating reagents, ion and environmental standards, pH papers),
  • Macherey Nagel (filter papers, pH papers, thin-layer chromatography products)
  • Omnilab / Jurgens laboratory consumables and articles
  • CPAChem for the highest quality certified chemical standards
  • Radelkis (pH standards, pH instrumentation and glass electrodes and reference electrodes),
  • United Chemical Technologies (solid phase extraction kits, columns, accessories for environmental, clinical, pharmaceutical and drug abuse determinations)
  • Dr. Weigert (detergents and cleaning reagents)

Reanal Laboratory Chemicals Ltd. customer base consists of analytical, research, pathological laboratories as well as industrial users from electronic, car maker,  pharmaceutical and other industries. 

Reanal Laboratory Chemicals can be contacted as follows:

Phone: +36 (1) 414-6040
Telefax: +36 (1) 414-6046

Address: Késmárk u. 9, Budapest, Hungary, H-1158